Ashwagandha Medicinal Properties for Stress and Wellness

Ashwagandha for Stress and Wellness by Rhea Humann

There is one that I truly believe encompasses the word balance. Allow me to introduce you to Ashwagandha. Hailing from the rich healing cultures of India and Africa, Ashwagandha has been used for thousands, literally thousands of years. This gorgeous perennial shrub grows deep roots and fuzzy little leaves. The entirety of the plant can be used for magic and medicine. From root to flower, Ashwagandha is packed with healing.

Meadowsweet for Pain Relief: Historic Herbal Remedy that Still Works

Meadowsweet for Pain Relief by Rhea Humann

Meadowsweet is a gorgeous flowering shrub that grows in damp areas like swamps and the woods. It grows tiny toothy leaves and happy colorful flowers. It was used by our European and east Asian ancestors as a painkiller and gut soother. So it should not surprise you to learn it’s the base of our modern analgesic aspirin! In the early to mid-1800s scientists and medicine-men were seeking a remedy for anything from the common flu to the plague ,and that’s when they found our friend Meadowsweet to be effective.

Rose Geranium Magic: Love Magick at its Best

Rose Geranium Magick: Love Magic at its Best by Rhea Humann

The wonderful thing about using plants for both magic and medicine is the more you work with an herb or a flower, the more in-tune you get with its energy. Perhaps you’ve only heard of rose geranium or noticed its name on the ingredients list of your favorite all-natural facial product–but as you intentionally get to know the plant, your friendly spirit is met by powerful magic.

3 Uses of Gotu Kola: Formulating Home Remedies for Success

Gotu Kola leaf aka Indian Pennywort or Centella asiatica

Gotu Kola is one of those herbs that has made its way to Western Herbalism because it is regarded as sacred in Eastern practices such as TCM and Ayurveda. It’s multifaceted, but also incredibly simple to work with because it covers so much ground. But before we get into the nitty gritty, I think it’s […]

Gotu Kola for Spiritual Healing: Elephant Wisdom in Practice

gotu kola memory like an elephant image

Have you ever wondered where the age-old adage, “elephants never forget” came from? Not only do these beautiful animals live long lives, but they are famous for their ability to find old migration trails no matter how long ago they trekked that land. It is believed by many that this is all due to a […]

Three Herbal and Energetic Self-Love Practices

key, heart, know your worth

My self-love journey has been peppered with different experiences, both superficial and intensely spiritual. There are so many ways to go about this journey it can be kind of confusing. But I have figured out what works for me, so I’m excited to share these three main herbal and energetic self-love practices with you!

Self-Love Tea

tea cup

The self-love phenomenon that’s sweeping our culture right now is awesome because it is encouraging everyone to prioritize what feels good for them. Now, obviously this doesn’t always mean shopping sprees and trips to the coast. Sometimes self-love is just cozying up with a book and a cup of tea. (For me anyway.)