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Green Tea Body Powder

Green Tea has gotten a lot of press lately because it is full of antioxidants. Combine its healing properties for the skin with its delicate scent and you have the perfect base for an after-bath body powder. The addition of lavender and calendula lends a floral aroma that is alluring without being overpowering. Lavender is also a strong antiviral herb while Calendula is famous for its antibacterial properties.

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Camellia sinensis: Tea in Many Colors

Tea spread across the world long ago in part because it’s delicious and in part because it’s got a whole lot of healthful properties. Herbalists in the past decade or so have quoted many studies done on Green Tea, linking this particular tea with anti-inflammatory properties. All varieties of Tea have antioxidant properties, each varying in chemical structure and offering differing potential benefits.

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Green Tomato Salsa Recipe

Autumn comes to the garden faster than than my poor tomato plants can tolerate. This recipe was the result of frustrated attempts to make a spicy dip with my neglected tomatoes that would never enjoy the blush of ripeness. The cherry or pear tomatoes add a sweet flavor that balances the spark of the pepper and onion.

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Moroccan Sun Tea

Summer is my favorite time to enjoy iced tea. This recipe is based on the sweet mint teas brewed in traditional Moroccan households to greet visitors and beat the heat. In Africa, gunpowder tea is brewed and flavored with spearmint or absinthe and then sweetened with copious amounts of sugar. This recipe hopes to honor the wisdom of using green tea and mint to cool the body but without quite as much sugar.

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